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The deletion was at 5p15 in four patients, whereas the fifth had a larger, more proximal deletion at 5p14.

Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) analysis confirmed the deletion of the Cd CS critical region at 5p15.2.

Use the relatively good receptive skills to encourage language and communicative development rather than relying on traditional verbal methods.

Behavior modification programs may be successful in managing hyperactivity, short attention span, low threshold for frustration, and self-stimulatory behaviors (eg, head-banging, hand-waving).

Cri-du-chat syndrome is a chromosome 5p deletion syndrome first describe by Lejeune et al. The incidence is estimated to be approximately 1 in 15,000–50,000 births.

The prevalence among mentally retarded individuals is approximately 1.5 in 1000.

Some aggression or self-injurious behaviors can be related to persistent, intense, stereotypic movements. Batshaw (Ed.), Children with Disabilities (4th ed., pp.

The highest prevalence is among individuals with severe or profound mental retardation. Keywords: 5p Deletion, Cri Du Chat Syndrome, Orofacial Features, Pediatric Dentistry How to cite this URL: Kyloglu ZI, Yildiz E, Nur BG, Mihi E, Clark A.Oral manifestations of a patient with cri du chat (5p-) syndrome.The incidence ranges from ,000 to ,000 live-born infants.Oral features of this condition include micrognathia, malocclusions, high but rarely cleft palate, anterior open bite, poor oral hygiene, enamel hypoplasia, chronic periodontitis, and retardation of tooth eruption.

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