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Here is a repro sample; https://github.com/franknarf8/paket-issue-repro/tree/b363bf2d50031e71ff9bb3a39ca471b44b64f8c7 Here, we are trying to install Windows Native in the project Sandbox2.0.The commands listed below do not have the same effect on the .csproj file. If the new behavior is the correct one, why is it so? Forms 1.3.1 is the first release that supports the Unified API, the entire solution should be updated to use the latest version at the same time as migrating the i OS app to Unified.This means that in addition to updating the i OS project for Unified support, you'll also need to edit code in Part of the migration requires upgrading Xamarin.We encountered a new problem with one of our packages.When we pulled on it, paket did not add a reference to the dll in the project file.

[ yesterday] Iv'e been using IIS and for several years now, and this one stumped me.In the meantime, I guess I drop and create assemblies via the SSMS GUI -- and perform DROP and CREATE operations for all the dependent functions. I hope this helps someone else without filesystem access to their servers.Assemblies and script the creation of the Microsoft. Hopefully Microsoft will make this a first-class operation in SSMS someday, but this is a fairly easy workaround until they do.There are few things more frustrating than trying to make other peoples’ code work; broken references, missing dependencies, extraneous and useless files – it’s all part of the joy of sharing the project love around.This is often tricky enough for people on the same team but throw in distance, culture and varying levels of expertise and things get ugly pretty quickly.

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