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Documentaries / Docu-Series Out of all the subgenres, the documentary subgenre is perhaps the most general.Documentary shows span from The difference between documentaries and a docu-series is that while documentaries are often restricted to one episode, docu-series span a series in its entirety, following a series arc like scripted television. From the top ten celebrities, to the highest paid stars in Hollywood, everything can be turned into a list. While there’s no official list of reality television subgenres, any producer would define reality television with a certain genre, to help scope out potential.However, there is a lot of potential for disagreement with such assessments, since the judgment is subjective.Unscripted reality shows were once regarded as television's panacea, but they're increasingly the sick patient of the industry with the number of hours of reality TV in prime time declining, particularly in America.

These shows are inexpensive to produce and garner big-ish ratings for studios in peril, so this new trend of combining existing reality-TV shows isn’t surprising.

Un REAL is loosely inspired by The Bachelor, a long-running US reality TV dating game show in which an eligible bachelor selects his soulmate from female contestants.

In Un REAL, the show is "Everlasting" and the bachelor is Adam, a posh British playboy (Freddie Stroma).

But the focus is more on the poisonous dynamic between executive producer Quinn (Constance Zimmer) and her morally conflicted subordinate Rachel (Shiri Appleby from Girls).

Un REAL goes further than any previous shows, like HBO's The Comeback or ITV's Moving Wallpaper, in depicting reality TV as a plausible alternative to hell replete with drugs, mental illness and eating disorders.

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