Validating filename

When the validator finds an error it tries to continue and reports a list of all errors found.

In those cases an unexpected error is found it may cause a single error reason.

It's impossible to know what error you're encountering, except that it's caused some exception the web service doesn't appear able to handle.

In a case like this, the best thing to do is download epubcheck and run it locally to see what it has to say.

Thus validate enables reuse of the schema information and therefore if one shall validate several times towards the same schema it reduces time consumption.

The result, Valid Element, is the valid element that conforms to the post-schema-validation infoset.

Next, we’re also turning on a new requirement: You must have a content type or filename validation, or you must explicitly opt-out of it.

Note that older versions of Paperclip are susceptible to this attack if you don’t have a content type validation.

Using the file name can help ensure you’re only getting the kinds of files you expect, and all Paperclip attachments have that.Because of the amount of errors I will just pick the most common ones and show you how to solve these.If you have a specific error and you need help, feel free to leave a comment.Validates a parsed well-formed XML element towards an XML schema. First it processes the schema, saves the type and structure info in an ets table and then validates the element towards the schema.Usage example: , which holds necessary information from an already processed schema.

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